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1. You are shopping for vegetables. How would you tell your friend, "The large cucumbers are not very tasty."?

2. You hear your host’s mother tell you, "Tadaima". What does this mean?

3. The post office is to the left of the movie theater. Translate into Japanese.


4. Translate into English: あのレストランは 駅に 近いし 安いし おいしいです。

5. Seasonal phrases are often used in Japanese letters. Which season is this? 山の 紅葉(こうよう)の 美しい季節(きせつ)に なりました

6. Write appropriate particles: 山田先生は、学生が じゅぎょう中に ねてい__________ぜったいに おこりません。


7. Answer in Japanese: あなたは、電車の中で 赤ちゃんが 泣いていたら、どうしますか。

8. Arrange the following historical periods chronologically from the earliest to the most recent:
a. Yamato   b. Meiji   c. Sengoku   d. Heian   e. Yayoi   f. Edo

9. Business KANJI.Read and make a short sentence:
a. 通知
b. 対応不可能
c. 予算
d. 価格
e. 好関係

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