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Study the Japanese language, culture and manners before you trip. Classes to fit your schedule.

A little tutorial help will improve your understanding. Ask any time when you may need help; available Monday through Friday. First floor discount rate available, please ask.

PRIVATE LESSON at your home
Weekends available, too! Please ask.

We have three Conversation Classes. If you would like to go to Japan in the near future and have limited time to study, these classes are ideal. No reading or writing is required, and there is no textbook — we use Powerpoint lessons to study. Just join the class. Enjoy Japanese while you are in Boston!

Textbook: "Japanese for Busy People" Book 1, (Kana or Romanized) and GENKI-I. Our goal is to complete this best-selling textbook. You will speak basic Japanese and be able to read the Japanese syllabaries.

Text: GENKI-2 and "Japanese for Busy People" Book 2 and Book 3. Our goal is to be able to maintain a basic daily life in Japan. More conversation and kanji will be introduced.

Learning materials in this class are CDs, Newspapers, DVDs, fiction books, magazines, and TV programs. Text will be pulled from applicable materials based on student needs. Our goal is to verbalize abstract expressions and ideas. Equivalent in Proficiency Test N-3.

Tobira Class
After GENKI 1 and 2, please join this class before heading to Advanced Class. Textbook is TOBIRA.

Japanese Cultural Events
We will bring a multifaceted program of Japanese culture to you. Program can include calligraphy, Kabuki dance performance, Koto music, Japanese cuisine, ikebana/flower arrangement, kimona etc.
Contact Sachiko@SachikoFurui.com.

Proficiency Test
Before studying JLPT, let's check your level. Our experienced specialists will assess your level. 80% of our students who take Proficiency Test pass the test. Please contact us.

Japanese Etiquette Lesson
Learn about Japanese manners and customs.

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