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All events are held on Zoom.

Junko is a native Japanese origami expert living in Boston. She started folding origami more seriously seven years ago for hand rehabilitation therapy. It became her passion and increased her interest in origami as therapy. She has since deepened her knowledge by attending workshops by Toshiko-Sensei.

MAYA was born in Tokyo. She studied Japanese literature at Wayo Women's University and obtained teacher's qualifications for middle and high school in Japan. She also received a calligraphy teaching license from Wayo Women's University. She likes reading, studying, nutrition and watcching movies.

Yoko has been learning the "IKENOBO style" since she was a child under the guidance of her uncle. As a university student, she mastered the "IKENOBO style". Yoko has been teaching flower arranging for more than 20 years. During her stay in Boston (2012-2013), she taught at Harvard Neighbors, and participated in the Boston Flower Show. Currently, she teaches seasonal flower arrangement using a variety of materials. Yoko teaches us her artistic techniques. Enjoy your own beautiful collaboration with nature. Please bring your own vase.

HANAYAGI SUKEKATSUMI is a master of traditional Japanese dance. She started Kabuki dance at age two and became a Natori at age 15. Be ready to learn this special, graceful dance from medieval Japan. Learn more about Hanayagi Sukekatsumi at spirit-of.asia.
Photo credit: Lauren Poussard

Yoko T. is a master of Japanese Cooking. She taught Japanese Cooking at Harvard Neighbors while she stayed in Boston. Her cooking is unique and healthy and has a great reputation. Enjoy Japanese authentic WASHOKU. Yoko T is currently lives in Saitama, Japan.

Koto is a traditional Japanese musical instrument, with a rectangular sound box and 13 strings. CATHLEEN AYAKANO READ is a master of the Yamada School, and was the first non-Japanese to join the musical guild of Nakanoshima Kinichi in Japan. We will learn basic and simple Koto music at her house. Try a unique experience.

We offer lectures and discussions about Japanese culture in subjects such as Manners, Traditional Art, and Travel.

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